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    Hi, I grow both tempranillo and Barbera grapes. Each of these varietals present different issues in making wine.

    The tempranillo traditionally comes in with a high pH and low total acid reading. The 2018 crop came in at 25.5 brix pH 4.4 ta 5.30 range. I like the taste of juice but fear having to add massive amounts of so2 to preserve it. Ended up adding tartaric which now shows 3.70 pH and 7.95 ta range. Normally I would try to bring pH down to 3.4/5 range, but it already tastes astringent to my taste. just innoculated Malo and hope endpoint allows reasonable so2 additions.

    The Barbera presents the opposite issue in that it is acidtic by character. My 2018 harvest was 25.75 brix pH 3.08 and ta 10.35 range. I know Malo will improve these figures, but I still react to the acidity in Barbera at these points.

    Questions to winemakers out there. How do you handle these varietals in terms of making adjustments and overall tastes. What can I do to lower ta in the Barbera to make it a more drinkable varietal.



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