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     Philip Senechal 

    I’ve been using this app/website for a few years now and thought I would share in case anyone else was interested. Cellar Tracker is an app/website that not only allows you to read reviews and tasting notes on nearly 3 million different bottles of wine, it’s also an online cellar management tool that you can use to track your collection.

    One of the most useful things I have found about this tool is the “drinkability window” you get with a lot of wines. This definitely helps when you’re sitting on wine and waiting for the optimal time to drink it, but also don’t want to pass the best time to enjoy it. You can also track the value of your cellar by entering the cost of each bottle in your cellar. I don’t use that feature because every wine I have is priceless =)

    Check it out if you’re interested. The website is located at https://www.cellartracker.com and the app should be available in the App Store.

    Let me know what you think!

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