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Hello fellow winemakers, this month I thought I would talk about bottling..

First things first, Before you bottle make sure that your wine has the proper amounts of S02 added prior to bottling. The amount of S02 needed is pH dependent. So check a graph to see how much sulfites you will need. Secondly, you will need clean and sanitized bottles. Thirdly, Make sure that your wine has finished malolactic fermentation because you don’t want any secondary fermentation happening in the bottle. Next, you have to decide what type of bottle filler you are going to use. A bottling wand? A three spout gravity filler? An all in one wine pump? Vacuum pump? An Enolmatic Wine bottle filler? Our wine club offers several choices when it comes to bottle fillers. Next you will need a corker and some corks. Most people prefer using a standing floor corker. Our club has several of these as well. Our club also orders corks in mass which translates to a good savings for club members. Putting a shrink capsule around the cork when finished is optional as is waxing the cork. Once bottled you should allow the wine to stay upright for a couple of days and then go ahead and lie the wine down on its side for long-term storage and aging. Conventional wisdom states that you should wait at least several months before drinking the wine that you just bottled. Viola!!

Mary Jane LaBerge
AWA President

Meeting Minutes
February 15, 2018

VP Lannie Staniford called the meeting to order.

  • Snacks (Kate Keller)

    Eclectic appetizer offerings were provided by Susan and John Cavanagh.

  • Minutes (Susan Lemkin)

    January minutes were approved.

  • Treasurer’s Report (Robert Mosblech)

    The Club bank balance is in the black with $XXXX (redacted per LR).

  • New Members/Guests


  • Equipment Manager (Rick Hanson)

    Crusher/de-stemmer is needed. Should do some checking on new/used ones for sale.

  • Old / New Business

    * Spring Trip: Bob outlined the details of the May 8-10 Spring Trip, with discounted accommodations at Hofsas House in Carmel, winery tours in the Salinas Valley, and optional excursions to Monterey Bay Aquarium & the Carmel Wine Walk. Complete details and sign-up forms will be emailed to the membership within the week.

    * Wine Competitions: Lee Richardson is again heading up the Amador County Fair competition. Entries will be accepted May 1-June 8. Check the website for details.

    * Elections: The committee (John Reeve, Kate Keller and Doug Ebersole) has been busy contacting prospective candidates for all 5 positions that will be up for election in May.

    * AWA Website: Robin Stepp, who has done a fantastic job as webmaster for beaucoup years, has decided to pass the torch to Philip Senechal, a newbie to the AWA. He’ll be talking to the membership about updates he wants to make and asking what members would like to see included.

    * Spring BBQ: Looking for a leader. Lee is a “maybe”.

  • Golden Bung

    The GB was awarded to Bob Mosblech for his fantastic work organizing the Spring Trip.

  • Upcoming Speakers

    March 15: “GRAPEVINE NUTRITION” – Stan Grant of Progressive Viticulture and an associate of Mid-Valley Agriculture will be the March 15 speaker.

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AWA Membership

Amador Winemakers Association membership is open to anyone interested in making wine, growing wine grapes, or just enjoying great fellowship and tasting wonderful wines. Our program is educational, social and mutually supportive of grape growers and home winemakers. Annual dues are $50.00 per year, per family and we usually meet monthly for fun and knowledge. If interested in the AWA please contact us or join online today.


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