Presidents Message

Dear AWA Members,

Bon jour! I am sending my first official President’s message to you from the relaxing Atlantic coast of France – land of summer sun, great seafood (as well as baguettes, cheese and croissants!), the Tour de France and, of course, French wine! As I’m sure all of you know, French wines are identified by region rather by varietal, so it’s always interesting to figure out the varietals that make up particular wines here. One that you won’t find is Zinfandel, so it’s one that I bring along for French friends to give them a taste of Amador!

I want to extend thanks to all of the past officers of the AWA whose terms have just ended (Mary Jane, Lannie, Soosie, Robert and Lee, and Robin our prior webmaster) and to those who have agreed to sign on as new officers (Bill, Philip, Doris and Mary Jane). And thanks as well to Rick Hanson (equipment manager), Kate Keller (snacks coordinator) and Karen Brouns (newsletter), who are continuing in those roles to serve all of us in the AWA.

Bill Schwanki, as VP, will be taking the lead until I return in September and will be running the July 19 general membership meeting and the August 16 equipment meeting.

Lee Richardson is handling the club project again this year. The club selected Syrah as the varietal. If you haven’t let Lee know already the quantity of Syrah grapes you want, please do that ASAP since the quantity will affect which growers Lee can utilize.

For those of you who didn’t make it to the annual BBQ on June 10, you missed a great event at a beautiful venue, Rancho Victoria, with some excellent wines. A big thank you to Lee and Barbara Richardson for arranging it! They have already taken possession of the Golden Bung Award for their efforts!

The Amador County Fair homemade wine awards are out (see Lee’s June 27 or 29 email to the AWA). Thanks again to Lee, who managed the home winemakers competition. And congratulations to all of our members who won awards. There were many, but I’ll just mention that Lee took home both Best Red Wine and Best White Wine – a feat that I’ll guess has not happened before! Next year we want to see even more entries from the AWA in this competition.

Finally, note that AWA dues for 2018-19 are due. You can pay online with a credit card on our website ( or with a check by mail or personally to Doris Mosblech at the July meeting. See Doris’s June 29 email for more details.

Happy winemaking!

À bientôt,
Doug Ebersole

Meeting Minutes

No June meeting, so no minutes!!!

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AWA Membership

Amador Winemakers Association membership is open to anyone interested in making wine, growing wine grapes, or just enjoying great fellowship and tasting wonderful wines. Our program is educational, social and mutually supportive of grape growers and home winemakers. Annual dues are $50.00 per year, per family and we usually meet monthly for fun and knowledge. If interested in the AWA please contact us or join online today.


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