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Greetings fellow winemakers,

Last month I talked about several methods for producing commercial sparkling wine and Champagne. This month, as promised, I will talk about one method of making homemade sparkling wine. This particular method is touted as being one of the best methods for producing sparkling wines most similar to the traditional methods of making sparkling wines such as those from the Champagne viticulture area of France. This method allows for fermentation to happen in the bottle, like Champagne, as opposed to the less traditional and cheaper method of fermenting in a tank, and then bottling. This method uses dialysis tubing, otherwise known as “molecular porous membrane tubing” which is available from a scientific supplier’s store, or online. The beauty of this method is that there is not the laborious riddling, neck freezing or disgorgement of the wine. The tubing allows for the transfer of yeasts, nutrients and sugar within the confines of the bottle. I am not going to jump into the entire process here, but if you are interested, please look into this method and perhaps give it a try! My information mostly came from Wine Maker magazine which I find to be an interesting and reliable source of information!

Mary Jane LaBerge
AWA President

Meeting Minutes
November 16, 2017

President Mary Jane called the meeting to order.

  • Snacks (Kate Keller)

    Mary Jane thanked the Robinson’s for bringing the delicious snacks.

  • Minutes (Susan Lemkin)

    October minutes were approved.

  • Treasurer’s Report (Robert Mosblech)

    Robert our Treasurer read the Treasurer’s report and the membership report.

  • New Members/Guests

    New members were introduced.

  • Equipment Manager (Rick Hanson)

    Nothing noted regarding equipment issues.

  • Old / New Business

    * Christmas Party: Lee Richardson explained the whole Christmas/Holiday Party itinerary and collected money for tickets.

    * 2017 Club Crush: We shared briefly together the progress of the club crush, Zinfandel.

    * Pruning Clinic: Mike, our AWA member discussed the potential of having a pruning clinic in the spring that is done by the U. C. Master Gardners.

  • Guest Speaker

    Our guest speaker Jon Campbell from Leoni Farms spoke to us as our guest speaker for the month. He was very informative and shared a lot of his personal knowledge and extensive experience of making wine in Amador county for many years. Excellent guest speaker!

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AWA Membership

Amador Winemakers Association membership is open to anyone interested in making wine, growing wine grapes, or just enjoying great fellowship and tasting wonderful wines. Our program is educational, social and mutually supportive of grape growers and home winemakers. Annual dues are $50.00 per year, per family and we usually meet monthly for fun and knowledge. If interested in the AWA please contact us or join online today.


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